The answer is (sometimes) right in front of you

My friend is a Lyme Warrior!!

Fight Lyme

I sometimes like to get lost in those “fairy tale” sort of movies- you know, the predictable sort of ones; boy (or girl) is love with a girl (or guy), who doesn’t notice them, but by the end of the movie they “live happily ever after,” realizing the one person or thing they were searching for, was there all along.

This of course only exists in movies…sort of.

For about 7 years now, I’ve been searching for my black and white, labeled, clear cut answer (to Lyme);

A. This is what’s wrong with me;
B. This is how I can fix it;
C. Then the problem is solved
– end of story.

I’ve been in possession of a letter written by an infectious disease doctor to my pediatrician, when I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease in February 2002. I’ve given copies of this letter to the infinite amount of…

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